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Software as a Service (SaaS) is beginning to redefine how manufacturing companies evaluate and deploy Enterprise Software Solutions within their business. The old traditional software licensing fee structure, for many companies, has become an obsolete software deployment strategy looking to the future. Software 21 with Partner IBM has now fully embraced SaaS as an "ERP Software Solution" alternative, delivering in the words of IBM - true "On Demand Computing."

Five compelling reasons outline the shift in software acquisition and define why software licensing as we've known it is dead:

Reason 1 - Cost - The bundled cost of a FlexGen 4 - AE Enterprise Solution billed under a monthly subscription fee is significantly less than traditional software license fees. Hardware, software, monthly service and updates, plus remote implementation service, will drive IT cost reductions of up to 60% a year.

Reason 2 - Flexibility - SaaS offers the ultimate flexibility in configuring your company's software deployment and scale. All the ERP software applications are available for "On Demand" implementation including comprehensive 24/7 technical support from world services leader IBM. Budgets are predictable, and ease of system administration at reduced cost per month, a bottom line benefit - Software21 delivers all the backend support you might require.

Reason 3 - Capital Retention - In times of tight cash and diminished business credit availability, SaaS allows your company to preserve its valuable Capital Resources for other high priority projects and activities. Instead of 100% financing or payment of large license fees on the front-end of your software acquisition, cash is spread out over years, effectively allowing SW21 to fund your new implementation.

Reason 4 - IT Resources - SaaS, properly managed, allows most manufacturing companies implementing FlexGen 4 - AE to operate with no internal IT resources committed to supporting the new ERP environment. With all technical support coming from Software21 and IBM, your company can save significant dollars in IT administration expenses, knowing with confidence all your software requirements are being managed professionally by Software21 and IBM.

Reason 5 - Comprehensive Solution - FlexGen 4 - AE will deliver a comprehensive "On Demand" Enterprise Software Solution, designed to help your company manage all of its critical business processes profitably. ERP / CRM / SCM and BI systems are fully integrated and easily available through the SaaS infrastructure deployed. No hidden costs for software add-ons can occur, and no software functionality will be missing as your company rolls out your new ERP environment.


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