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Enterprise Resource Planning
    Accounting and Financial Analysis
      Advanced Costing Analysis
      FRx - Financial Analysis
      General Ledger
      Human Resources
      Touch Screen - Time & Attendance
    Advanced Production Management
      Bar Code - Automated Data Collection
      Capacity Resource Planning
      Preventative Maintenance
      Production Planning & Scheduling
      Quality Assurance
      Shop Floor Control
      Tooling Management
    Decision Support Services
      Collaboration & Workflow Analysis
      Enterprise Knowledge Base
      ERP & Key Performance Indicators
      Executive Decision & Analysis
    Enterprise Distribution & Logistics
      Automated Shipping & Receiving
      Bar Code - Inventory Manager
      Customer & Supplier Consignment
      Inventory Control
      Inventory Quarantine
      Lot & Serial Number Traceability
      Warehouse Management
    Enterprise Planning and Scheduling
      Master Production Scheduling
      Material Requirements Planning
      Product Data Management
      Project Administration
Customer Relationship Management
      Accounts Receivable
      Avalara Portal
      Channel Analysis & Commissions
      Complimentary Product Matrix
      Customer Call Center
      Customer Management
      Customer Service Web Portal
      Decision Support Services - CRM
      Electronic Forms
      Estimating & Quoting
      Post Sales Management
      Prospect Management
      Quality Assurance
      Return Material Authorization
      Sales Order Management
      Sales Price Administration
Supply Chain Management
      Accounts Payable
      Decision Support Services - SCM
      Electronic Documents
      Electronic Forms
      Electronic Requisitions
      Procurement & Contract Administration
      Procurement Planning & Scheduling
      Quality Assurance
      Request for Quote
      Supplier Call Center
      Supplier Corrective Action
      Supplier Relationship Management
      Supplier Web Services Portal
      Vendor Review & Certification
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