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FlexGen 4 Customer/Supplier Consigned Inventory facilities have become increasingly important as efforts to optimize your company's supply chain push inventory carrying costs back on the suppliers. Consigned inventory and sometimes from the customer, requires separate and unique tracking and cost reconciliation from your company's traditional inventory.

Every company must be able to accurately track the consigned inventory locations designated, quantities, source and dates of receipt and consumption to properly account and reconcile all on-site materials and supplies. When properly managed, consigned inventory will reduce your overall carrying costs, shortages to the factory floor and enhance the bottom line.

FlexGen 4 provides for a complete and detailed interface between the storage and consumption of stock to assure that the accounting and supplier payment for materials is timely and fully transparent.

Customer Inventory is managed in a comparable and highly visible fashion as is supplier inventory, to assure availability and proper reconciliation.

By implementing Customer /Supplier Consigned Inventory you will:

  • Effectively drive the cost of inventory back on your supply chain at the same time you improve availability and performance.
  • Lock in the source and availability of key materials where stocking, distribution and logistics are all managed by the supplier. This simplifies inventory management and eliminates supply chain shortages.
  • Reduces stock shrinkage, obsolesence and quality problems where the supplier is 100% responsible for available materials and supplies.
  • Simplify the replenishment effort on the part of your participating suppliers, typically resulting in lower costs and better service.
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