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Advanced Production Management The value and long-term benefit of implementing FlexGen 4 will in large be derived through the deployment and use of its powerful and comprehensive Decision Support Services. FlexGen 4 – DSS serves the unique purpose of connecting managers and executives to the Adaptive Enterprise through actionable data and relevant information. Through creative database architecture and open connectivity to the industry’s best information mining tools, including Business Objects’ Crystal Reports and Enterprise, any manager can penetrate key enterprise operating segments and search for information to make better business decisions and develop informed management strategies.

Decision Support Services includes the following software features:

Executive Decision / Analysis
  Separate from the daily transactional processing and support FlexGen 4 - DSS provides, informed decision making is its true value. There are four components to FlexGen 4 - DSS that must be met: 1) Data Access, 2) Data Analysis, 3) Data Preparation and 4) Data Presentation. FlexGen 4 - DSS excels at these four tasks. Clearly a wide range of data and information resources lie within the FlexGen 4 data structure. Key to unlocking its enterprise value, is the open and flexible sourcing of this data through FlexGen 4 - Executive Dashboards, Custom Views, third party tools such as Crystal Enterprises and FRx , to name a few.
ERP Analytics / Key Performance Indicators
  An integral source of enterprise management data comes automatically through the hundreds of enterprise touchpoints FlexGen 4 maintains throughout the enterprise. Statistics, performance metrics, transaction volumes and other financial related information is generated and stored within the system, awaiting management inquiry and analysis. Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are select performance measures that managers set for repetitive analysis such as Return on Sales, Inventory Turns and Supplier Quality Compliance, among dozens of others.
Enterprise Knowledge Base
  The Enterprise Knowledge Base is an extremely useful information source for managers looking at broader trends and intelligence, sourced though specific enterprise functions including, Customer Service, Customer Call Center, Quality Assurance and Supplier Relationship Management. This information is not metric specific, but rather driven by transaction comments, observation, interview and field input. With FlexGen 4 – DSS, managers can query on topics of interest, then, based on relevant actionable experience, make appropriate and well informed decisions.
Collaboration / Work Flow Analysis
  FlexGen 4 - DSS provides a host of tools and predefined processes designed to instruct, guide and manage many of the internal operating procedures within a typical manufacturing enterprise. For example, Corrective Action Reporting is a process available to report and disposition specific activities or events, which require attention and follow-up by key managers. A Supplier Action Report gets generated when a supplier violates product deliveries, standards or other performance measures, which could require immediate assessment.
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