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Decision Support Services (DSS) are essential management tools for the Adaptive Enterprise of today. To the manufacturing company driving for competitive advantage and market position in its industry, it is absolutely mandatory to have the ability to easily identify meaningful management data, analyze it, prepare it and then present it in support of key decisions being made.

FlexGen 4 - DSS is designed to optimize the critical decision making and analysis process every manager and key executive is charged. FlexGen 4 – DSS data is complete, accurate, real-time and easily accessible through all best-of-breed data mining, analytics and reporting tools used across the industry. Software 21 has dedicated substantial development effort in architecting its database design, schema and access capabilities to assure that our Adaptive Enterprise solution can deliver unparalleled levels of enterprise information in support of informed and meaningful decision making on the part of key executives.

FlexGen 4 - DSS successfully removes all the barriers to relevant data and strategic information held within your enterprise. As a result, it dramatically enhances the overall situational awareness of management and better prepares your executives to manage the company.

With FlexGen 4 – DSS, your company will benefit by the following:

  • Have comprehensive access to your enterprise data to analyze performance trends in sales, customer buying patterns, product profitability and sales revenue to track performance and drive revenue results.
  • Use Crystal Reports to easily extract information concerning your Supply Chain, including supplier history, performance data, pricing compliance and quality track record to accurately evaluate supplier capabilities.
  • Use your FlexGen 4 - Executive Dashboards to query your strategic database of over 230 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) generated automatically through the system, supporting your strategic data analysis.
  • Easily prepare and present to the web any data found in your FlexGen 4 data reservoir, through Software 21's new Microsoft .Net web tools and services.
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