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To receive the optimum benefit from your FlexGen 4 – Adaptive Enterprise Solution requires that your company has fully developed Business Policies and Practices. To help support and deploy these practices, FlexGen 4 - Collaboration and Work Flow Analysis tools can be invaluable.

When Quality Assurance generates a Corrective Action Report to alert management of a serious product deficiency, all key executives are informed promptly and become part of the solution. No manager remains outside the sphere of influence or solution when FlexGen 4 - Collaboration is used to broadcast events, issues or company opportunities on a real-time basis.

Standard operating procedures become a significant factor in controlling the quality of service the enterprise delivers to all of its business constituents. Customers demand consistent and predictable service every time they do business with your company. FlexGen 4 - Collaboration helps define the common road map for conducting business and provides the tools to monitor, report and correct any process which does not conform to the highest standards of business and service expectations.

By utilizing FlexGen 4 - Collaboration and Work Flow Analysis, your managers can:

  • Streamline their administrative and management tasks by leveraging new technology and processes, reducing overhead costs while providing enhanced services to customers, suppliers and executives.
  • Communicate and collectively resolve pressing business problems and challenges through a common set of business processes quickly defining participants and rapidly promoting resolutions.
  • Assure that all key business processes are followed in compliance with company standards, including QA inspections, Engineering Changes, Customer Returns and Supplier Evaluations, to note a few.
  • Be more effective in aligning your company's operating goals and objectives with the underlying resources of the business, through consistent communications and real-time feedback of results for management to evaluate.
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