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Enterprise Planning and Scheduling The management functions behind Enterprise Planning and Scheduling still constitute the backbone of the modern day manufacturing company. What has changed dramatically is where products get manufactured, how outsourcing is affecting the mix and the speed by which products move from concept to market. FlexGen 4 - EPS supports the complex requirements for Master Scheduling and Demand driven Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Customer Service. It assures that the overall business goals and objectives are met consistently and on a timely and profitable basis.

Enterprise Planning / Scheduling includes the following software features:

Master Production Scheduling
Managing the constantly changing Demand Profile of any manufacturing enterprise can be a complex and challenging task. FlexGen 4 - EPS allows the Forecast, Master Production Schedule and Sales Order transactions to be simulated on a real-time basis in search of the optimum build plan. This maximizes the value of the production plan and assure that what the market demands is in fact what the market receives.
Product Data Management
A key element to effective planning is the need for detailed and accurate part information, Bills-of-Materials (BOM) and fully integrated Engineering Change Control. With FlexGen 4 – EPS, various departments are allowed to maintain their unique data parameters, including design, production, costing and quality. Additionally, complete Where Used and BOM simulation tools aid in the rapid development and administration of assemblies and finished goods.
Materials Requirements Planning
For the material intensive enterprise, Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a powerful and cost effective process used to optimize the materials plan. Based on the Demand Profile (MPS) and the prevailing materials availability, MRP can calculate the most accurate and cost controlled plan for execution with digital distribution to the supply chain for fulfillment.
Project Administration
Project Administration is a versatile set of application services provided by FlexGen 4 - EPS, which are available to establish Non-Production tasks such as Research and Development projects, Marketing Campaigns, Facilities Expansion or miscellaneous engineering projects. Just like the typical production order, Projects can be set up with complete budgeting facilities, cost accruals and depreciation and schedule tracking, including year over year accountability.
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