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For manufacturer's engaged in complex Project Management including Research and Development, Maintenance and Overhaul (RMO) or new equipment design, FlexGen 4 Project Administration is available for visibility and control. Project Administration offers the framework to establish project budgets which may consist of an unlimited number of expense categories. As actual expenses are incurred against open projects, information is available for each transaction real-time and on-line. Using FlexGen 4's powerful drill down feature, no cost element can escape appropriate review and approval.

Project mangers will always know the status of their assigned projects including budget, resource allocation and schedule. If revenue is generated through projects, then finance will be able to track the progress of "Billed or Unbilled Revenue", based on the percentage of completion of each project. FlexGen 4's Project Administration applications allows a project to span months or years, with complete cost and revenue reconciliation made easy at both the Project P&L and Balance Sheet levels.

Project Managers will also benefit by taking advantage of the seamless integration with other FlexGen 4 applications including Planning, Production Control, Scheduling and Back Office.

FlexGen 4's Project Administration features and benefits include:

  • Project visibility to maximize productivity, scheduling and budetary compliance.

  • Customer satisfaction where project mangement drives the success or failure of project delivery, cost and quality.

  • A fully integrated and complete management environment needed for financial control and accounting.
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