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Software 21 is as fully dedicated and committed to providing the most comprehensive and effective Customer Care program possible, as it is to developing industry leading Adaptive Enterprise solutions. As a necessary compliment to outstanding software, is a well devel- oped and executed enterprise preparation plan along with user training and management education. Software 21's Customer Care program consists of seven elements which covers the development of a FlexGen 4 - AE Implementation Plan, Education, Integration and long-term Upgrades and Software Enhancements. Bringing 21 years of experience to software implementation and support, highlights the need to focus clearly on Planning, People, Process and overall Systems Integration to assure rapid implementation payback and long-term enterprise success.

At a summary level, Software 21 organizes its Customer Care delivery process around four primary elements. These elements are designed to assure that each company is properly prepared to receive new software, people are thoroughly educated to use it, and that the enterprise, being viewed as a technology " Ecosystem", embraces a plan to keep all of the supporting elements current and fully functioning. at the highest level of business performance and efficiency.

Implementation Planning - The Roadmap to Success The first step to successfully implementing any enterprise level solution like FlexGen 4 - AE is developing a detailed, scheduled and resource loaded Implementation Plan. This plan must include specific agreed upon benchmarks and project milestones laying out each step of the conversion. A project leader should be assigned overall project responsibility and authority to keep the process moving and on schedule. Software 21 will provide a detailed plan outlining all the necessary steps to be considered from beginning to end of the FlexGen 4 - AE implementation process.

Education - Knowledge that Pays Big Dividends Software 21 Customer Care consultants participate in the preparation and delivery of a comprehensive training curriculum geared specifically to each companies personnel and management require- ments. All FlexGen 4 - AE users are thoroughly trained in its overall functionality and integration, coupled with specific in depth training on programs and processes which are deployed within their organizational area or departments. Management receives top level education which includes a FlexGen 4 - AE Introduction, where their enterprise benefits will be derived and methods for best optimizing company wide Business Intelligence to make well informed business decisions and operating strategies.

Systems Integration - Binding the Ecosystem together A Customer Care discipline that Software 21 excels in, is the effective integration of all the necessary enterprise components typically found in manufacturing companies today. FlexGen 4 - AE acts as the integration focal point around which all remaining technologies and business processes must be woven. Many third party software tools such as CAD/CAM, Microsoft Office and newly deployed web ser- vices must seamlessly and easily work together delivering enterprise data and strategic business information on demand. No enterprise data can be overlooked or unavailable to management, if the full benefit and payback of FlexGen 4 - AE is to be realized.

Upgrades and Enhancements - Keeping all Systems Optimized Once the initial FlexGen 4 - AE implementation process is complete, a long-term support service is provided through Software 21's Customer Care program. One of the defining characteristics of technology as we've come to support it, is the unyielding pace of change. Software 21 provides a comprehensive long-term strategy designed to keep not only FlexGen 4 - AE robust, relevant and process efficient but all the supporting technologies as well. As platform software from Microsoft evolves, automated data collection improves and hardware components become faster and more productive, a service is needed to periodically upgrade and seamlessly enhance all the working parts of a typical FlexGen 4 - AE installation. This service might explain why many FlexGen 4 - AE customers have been with Software 21 for approaching 21 years.



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