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»FlexGen 4 AE Summary - The Challenge, the Software and the Benefits


The Manufacturing Enterprise - Challenges and Opportunities In the world of manufacturing, being agile in thought and process is vital. Given the pace of mergers and acquisitions, new government regulations, foreign competition and heightened customer expectations means your manufacturing enterprise must be responsive to changing demands in all their forms. It means you must coordinate, integrate and optimize the activities of all your users, trading partners and customers spread across your business in an atmosphere of constant change and evolution. To help you identify and successfully meet these business challenges, exploit new market opportunities and effectively adapt to change, you need Software 21's FlexGen 4 - Adaptive Enterprise (FlexGen 4 - AE) solution.

FlexGen 4 - Adaptive Enterprise: Its Value
FlexGen 4 - AE serves many compelling business needs. A primary need is to organize a complex manufacturing enterprise around a common set of business values, goals and objectives. Then, to help meet those goals and objectives through the efficient deployment of business processes built on relevant and reliable data that enables a company to make informed business decisions quickly and become adaptive. This is what FlexGen 4 - AE is designed to do. This is where its value and purpose lies. It is not a question of what FlexGen 4 - AE is, rather what it enables your manufacturing enterprise to do better through operational visibility and responsiveness.  

FlexGen 4 - Adaptive Enterprise: The Software
Software must be viewed as a tool, a means to an end. Its business value is determined by how it enhances what you do, how you do it and to what extent you optimize your overall performance. FlexGen 4 - AE consists of seven fully integrated systems designed to enhance all the business processes and operating procedures of your manufacturing company. It integrates all of your employees, trading partners and customers through one consistent, configurable and scalable set of application services created to optimize decision making and business performance. Its architecture is built to deliver the most effective Decision Support Services available to ensure that managers have timely, accurate and actionable information to make the best business decisions possible.

FlexGen 4 – Adaptive Enterprise: The Results
The business impact and results of using FlexGen 4 - AE are persuasive. Successfully implemented, it reduces time-to-market for new products and services. It also enables a level of customer service, support and experience key to long-term customer satisfaction and retention. The configurable factory and outsource management capabilities of FlexGen 4 - AE allow for maximum flexibility and independence to organize production and delivery in its most efficient and cost-effective deployment. Cost control and supply chain efficiency are driven through business processes that deliver maximum return on investment and productivity. FlexGen 4 - AE is defined by business performance and measurable results, and ultimately its ability to help our customers achieve competitive advantage.

Technology, Platforms, Tools and Web Services

Software 21 has selected very specific best-of-breed software tools and platform components to build and support FlexGen 4 - AE's application services. Microsoft and IBM provide the primary building blocks, including Microsoft Windows 2003 Operating System and .Net for creating and deploying all new web services and related applications. Microsoft SQL Server 2003 and Access are deployed to meet many of FlexGen 4 - AE's database requirements. IBM supplies selected development tools, including System Builder for rapid application development and U2 for efficient database management. All of the enabling software products are chosen to satisfy specific technical objectives, providing seamless integration, cost-effectiveness and highly reliable application services to our customers.

Software 21 - A Systems Integration Philosophy That Delivers:
For enterprise level computing to succeed in manufacturing, there can be no islands of information unavailable to the business. All of the enterprise components involved must interact seamlessly, removing barriers or obstacles to information flow. Software 21 brings a holistic and integrative approach to implementing FlexGen 4 - AE, focusing on delivering software, people, business process, hardware and automated data collection technology in one seamless and cost-effective enterprise solution. As an enterprise partner, Software 21 assumes responsibility in guaranteeing that FlexGen 4 - AE and all of its components can deliver on the promise of achieving competitive advantage and unprecedented business results.

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