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FlexGen 4 Production Planning/Scheduling is the heartbeat of your manufacturing operation. By maintaining all of your production planning information online, you can monitor the accuracy of your build schedule to produce the right products at the right time. You will be able to schedule production based on valid due dates and quantities to meet known demands, and be alerted to production problems so you can respond immediately. With its finger firmly on the inventory pulse, your optional MRP Module can be used to alert you when to issue your material requirements to satisfy your inventory demands for either work orders or stock. For non-MRP planning of materials, additional inventory management tools support both Customer Supplied Inventory plus Vendor Consigned Inventory including a full cost accounting interface.

With your materials management issues under control, your Production Planning/Scheduling Department can focus more effectively on managing work-in-process, setting production priorities, and analyzing capacity constraints. With the advent of innovative manufacturing techniques such as Lean, having smaller batch, tighter standards and on time assembly and completion of parts, is quickly becoming a necessity. This competitive advantage is now available through your FlexGen 4 Production Planning/Scheduling environment.

By implementing Production Planning & Scheduling, your company will benefit by:

  • Instantly highlighting production problems associated with costs, schedules, production capacity or labor and materials resources.
  • Utilizing "What-If" analysis tools to evaluate changes to the "Production Plan" due to unforeseen sales or production opportunities.
  • Analyzing the effect on production of the addition of future business in light of current resource commitments and capacity constraints.
  • Providing instant and accurate work order status of parts moving through production, including where parts are located, quantities completed and projected completion date of the job.
  • Utilizing a unique process called "Work Order Manager" which brings all the key production and cost related information plus history together in one dynamic window.
  • Electronically broadcasting critical production events back to production planning, so management can respond directly to problems in delivery, process or production.
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