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FlexGen 4 Bar Code - Automated Data Collection allows for the collection of timely and accurate information on work orders in production.  Knowing where your parts are and when, along with collecting scrap and rework data is vital for keeping production on schedule. With FlexGen 4 Bar Code - Automated Data Collection, jobs are scanned real-time upon release to production, including the work order and assembly number, plus employee(s) ID working on the job. As a result you will be able to track, during the production cycle, the precise status of parts finished or their percentage of completion, at any time. Production control is automatically informed when parts move out of an active work cell, expediting delivery to the next value added process, minimizing both queue and move time. The ability to inform production control and customers of up-to-the-minute status of all work-in-process is now a reality with FlexGen 4's wireless Bar Code - Shop Floor Manager.

With Bar Code - Automated Data Collection you can:

  • Feature up-to-the-minute information on the status of any part passing through production, anytime, anywhere.
  • Keep work order priorities in sync with your production plan by updating schedule changes, production delays, and identifying capacity constraints as they occur not after.
  • Reduce move and queue time by locating parts on the production floor in real-time, then immediately staging them for their move to the next work cell.
  • Eliminate the inefficient and untimely collection of move and labor information through manual processes, information will be up-to-date instead of days late.
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