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An effective Preventative Maintenance program will always improve the productivity and performance of a well run manufacturing operation. FlexGen 4 Preventative Maintenance system is designed to provide maintenance schedules for all production equipment, spare parts lists, budgets and PM work orders, labor scheduling and final costing for each task completed. Preventative Maintenance is fully integrated with the Production Scheduling module to assure no machine scheduled for maintenance is available to production during it's off line maintenance period.

By implementing FlexGen 4's Preventative Maintenance applications you will also have a powerful tool to deal with the inevitable unplanned repair or down machine. With the on line history, service parts and maintenance records, coupled with the rescheduling facilities in FlexGen 4, unexpected maintenance issues will be easy to remedy. For future prevention of similar unplanned events, you will be able to record information about the cause of the machine failure, remedy and disposition, urgency and escalation codes and recommended actions for prevention.

Preventative Maintenance will assist you with:

  • Scheduling all of the maintenance resources required including labor, outplant services, materials and supplies.
  • Maintaining the company's Production Plan and Schedule with no disruptions or unplanned deviations to workflow due to equipment.
  • Having on line detailed histories of all work and PM's performed for each machine serviced, assuring maximum availability and productivity.
  • Managing and budgeting the costs of Preventative Maintenance work to be scheduled and funded in the future.
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