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FlexGen 4 Quality Assurance is the key to keeping your company's business plan, production plan, and all-important customer service needs operating in sync and at optimum level. In today's highly competitive manufacturing marketplace, world class performance is simply unattainable without a corporate commitment to manufacture 100% quality into all of your products and services. FlexGen 4 Quality Assurance offers a suite of online tools which allow you to analyze both the parts you build and the quality and delivery of the parts you buy. FlexGen 4 ensures the effective execution of a total quality philosophy throughout your everyday manufacturing activities.

With FlexGen 4 Quality Assurance you will establish quality tables defining standards of preparation, production and distribution of parts manufactured. Actual problems and quality deficiencies will be analyzed online during production, generating immediate feedback to quality control of the need for remedial action. Statistical values and trends are collected and displayed in a graphical environment making data analysis easy. Extensive manufacturing performance standards are developed down to the operations level including all value and non-value added activities involved in production.

By implementing Quality Assurance you will:

  • Establish user-defined disposition and causal parameters for production problems and deviations to standard production operations.
  • Access statistical results for rework, scrap and production line quality violations, with "Management Wizard" designed with Excel or Access, for analysis and graphing.
  • Collect and report online quality control's management summaries and recommendations for process improvement by part, process and operation.
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