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FlexGen 4's Tooling Management will provide you a comprehensive set of applications to track, schedule and rebuild tools, dies and other equipment required in the manufacturing process. Life cycle data is collected for each tool, so that it's availability to production is always maximized. By allocating specific tools in the production routing process, it's availability and condition are always assured.

Tooling Management tracks a wide range of pertinent information for each tool including date of activation, scheduled rework date, supplier of origin, cost, parts per life cycle and a detailed history of of all rework and maintenance performed. A physical tracking locator system assures that all tools are accounted for and physically available when required. A special scheduling process will review the Tooling Requirements Planning data generated to identify any conflicts or dual use constraints for each tool or die called out for production.

Tooling Management will benefit you by:

  • Making sure your all important tooling and accessories are always scheduled and available when manufacturing needs them.
  • Providing detailed Tool Lists with costs, location and other tracking and scheduling information.
  • Tracking customer supplied tools and dies for parts you produce using third party assets.
  • Eliminating or identifying where specific tools are scheduled for conflicting production runs, requiring a new reallocation of tools to resolve.
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