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To produce products on time, on budget with 100% quality, demands an effective capacity planning and analysis capability. To effectively manage the ever changing balance between production capacity and the always dynamic mix of resource requirements to manufacture product, demands FlexGen 4 Capacity Planning. FlexGen 4 will allow you to establish a feature rich simulation environment to test the day to day mix of labor, machine and material requirements, against the ever present production constraints that must be dealt with on a day to day basis.

FlexGen 4 Capacity Planning allows you to establish multiple resource constraints in labor and machine, to be analyzed simultaneously for optimum scheduling. Outplant services and Batch oriented processing are also factored into the production mix for enhanced planning and visibility. High resolution Priority Planning, introduces an additional level of precision as the capacity plan is constantly being tested for optimization.

Capacity Planning provides visibility into Planned Orders, active Work Orders and Forecasts to make sure the complete demand element is present during production analysis. With all the production data available to management real time, effective decisions and sound production control results.

FlexGen 4's Capacity Planning features and benefits include:

  • Optimize Production Control through fully integrated views of all the primary factors of production.
  • Test the Capacity Plan through extensive " What If" analysis capabilities.
  • View instantly the status of any job , project or plan present within the "Capacity Analysis Window ".
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