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Back Office ManagementEvery viable manufacturing enterprise must be able to keep score of its financial health and vitality at all times. Effectively managing company assets, liquidity, sales and profitability all link together through FlexGen 4 - AFA application services. All the mandatory accounting functions are supported seamlessly and without dual entry or wasted administrative effort. Finance is provided with a comprehensive Financial Analysis suite from FRx Software, to review financial trends, develop enterprise budgets for cost control and to generate financial simulations to test various financial business plans and scenarios.

Accounting and Financial Analysis offers the Following:

Advanced Costing Analysis
Controlling costs and identifying weaknesses in the supply chain and production control processes on a real-time basis drive profitability and efficiency. With foreign competition pressing hard on the manufacturing industry, managing costs, including labor, materials, overhead and outsourcing, demands total visibility and control of the key factors of production. FlexGen 4 – AFA application services assure that production standards are being met and inefficiencies are identified quickly and eliminated.
Human Resources
FlexGen 4 - AFA contains the necessary application services required to efficiently manage a company's personnel executive and reporting needs. This includes a complete history of all employee related dates and events associated with employment. Other records include date of application, date of hire, review schedules, salary history and references. Selected governmental reporting is provided to assure all employment regulations and compliance statutes are fully met.
The payroll process in FlexGen 4 - AFA, is fully integrated with Software 21's Touch Screen data collection system. Payroll data is automatically updated through the real-time update process, eliminating time cards and traditional manual payroll distribution. All the required rate, tax, benefits and governmental reporting requirements are streamlined and easy to accomplish. In addition, optional payroll systems are available and fully integrated with FlexGen 4 - AFA including the ABRA Payroll system from Best Software.
General Ledger
The backbone of any financial management system is the General Ledger. FlexGen 4 - AFA provides a robust architecture needed to establish a company reporting and financial management structure. The FlexGen 4 - AFA system is automatically fed transactions from over 22 distinct operating functions such as AR, AP, Costing and Inventory Transactions, eliminating administrative time and waste. Multiple company financial management with consolidations is automatic and fully user defined with regard to output and presentation. Full drill down capability to source documents and details save time in reconciliation and audit preparation.
PROPHIX - Financial Analysis
PROPHIX Software has developed one of the financial management practices, " Best of Breed " products, in its Financial Analytics and Reporting Suite ". Featuring fully integrated financial ties to FlexGen 4 - AFA, it provides the CFO level financial manager a full compliment of Budgeting Tools, Fincial Reporting Templates and Wizards, Analytical Applications to facilitate comparative analysis and a full set of web based delivery tools for executive management reporting and presentation. It is a fully supported and integrated service application which now comes standard with FlexGen 4 - AFA.
Touch Screen - Time / Attendance
Time and Attendance management and reporting is traditionally an operations area characterized by waste, inefficiency and inaccurate data transmittal. With FlexGen 4 - AFA, everyone in the enterprise can track time and activities with speed, ease of data entry with 100% accuracy. No paper timecards are needed when online, real-time Touch Screen data collection devices are distributed throughout the factory. The User Interface is intuitive and easy to implement providing online project and work order verification, scheduling changes/updates and company announcements to enhance communications across all employees.


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