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FlexGen 4 Advanced Costing Analysis provides complete and realtime management of all the factors of production including labor, material, out-plant service and overhead. Our flexible costing methodology allows you to select between actual, moving average or standard costing. For each work order, a detailed online history of all costs is automatically created as valid charges are posted to production.  Immediate feedback to production control of cost overruns and inefficiencies is available to correct problems when they occur, not when the job is completed. Advanced Costing Analysis is tightly integrated with order entry, production planning, inventory control and shop floor control, to assure optimum productivity and customer service.

In addition to numerous online costing reports, you can take advantage of special management facilities, including a means of reconciling cost variances and overruns incurred during the manufacturing cycle.

With Advanced Costing Analysis you can:

  • Link charges from purchasing directly to any valid work order for ease of complete cost analysis and accounts payable processing.
  • Automatically generate all cost related journal entries associated with managing work-in-process and finished goods.
  • Link customer orders to work orders so you can track costs, gross margin and production performance on a specific customer job.
  • Simulate the effects of modifying standard cost components, including labor and material, before implementing the change.
  • Review work order performance on selected jobs based on user-defined parameters such as the "highest total cost" overrun.
  • Complete work-in-process valuation reporting, including all factors of production with easy reconciliation to your FlexGen 4 Financials.
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