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FlexGen 4 Payroll works closely with other FlexGen 4 modules, making it easy to perform your basic payroll functions including all payroll calculations, check generation and reports.  Payroll automatically imports time entered from work-in-process and projects, then updates the related cost detail automatically. Payroll allows you to enter and maintain employee information, calculate payroll for hourly and salaried employees, maintain year-to-date pay records, accrued vacation time, W-2 forms, withholding and FICA taxes, print payroll checks and generate records and required government reports.  FlexGen 4 Payroll can also support multiple payroll periods and companies with ease.

Payroll supports all federal and state taxes, plus sophisticated features including employee direct deposit, 401(K) deductions, electronic tax payments and provides you with a complete payroll reporting facility.

FlexGen 4 Payroll also supports a complete project management and reporting system, designed to track costs, budgets and progress on non-production programs such as R & D, marketing campaigns or new product development projects.

By using Payroll, you can:

  • Easily manage the payroll function of salaried, hourly and subcontract labor with direct charges to work orders and projects featured in FlexGen 4 Manufacturing.
  • Manage payroll as a stand-alone process or seamlessly integrate it with human resources.
  • Automate input of labor charges to work orders through RF barcode data collection for instant and accurate payroll and costing information.
  • Collect and input labor charges on a realtime basis, yet process payroll on a different user-defined schedule.
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