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Human resources represent a substantial investment to any manufacturing enterprise. The ability to manage, schedule and optimize that investment pays big dividends when administered through the FlexGen 4 - Touch Screen data collection process. Time and Attendance allows you to track and monitor all work day activities of your employees, including full on-line tracking of time charged directly to production, special projects, education classes or any other valid activity. No time goes unaccounted for or wasted.

The Touch Screen interface also provides an effective means of conveying performance related data back to employees, as they are transacting periodic inputs to the system. Performance standards can be measured against actual performance, including variance analysis per task or manufacturing operation within a production cell. Real-time feedback to employees keeps them focused on productivity and priorities throughout the day or night.

In addition, the Human Resource management process is streamlined by having direct access to all time keeping records for employees to update hours worked, vacation, education benefits provided and sick leave among other record keeping requirements. Data is transacted once and made available across the enterprise for all management and record keeping purposes.

Touch Screen - Time and Attendance saves you time and eliminates waste by enabling you to:

  • Accurately track and monitor employee time and activities throughout the work period, including production time, indirect meetings and special projects, with no wasted administrative effort or expense.
  • Ease time keeping for employees by building shift and break parameters into the time keeping process, including automatic lunch breaks, meeting and vacation time.
  • Provide full Production Control visibility by keeping all work orders and projects updated in real-time as they incur labor charges and by reporting units completed.
  • Provide a fully reconciled and accurate payroll distribution to accounting for financial reporting and government accountability such as Employment Security.
  • Eliminate wasted time, administrative costs and correct errors and charges to invalid projects, work orders or off line budgets. Accurate data saves time and money.
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