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The integrated features of FlexGen 4 General Ledger lets you automatically process, post and update journal entries created from over 20 sources from within your company.  This includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, inventory, purchasing and sales.  Each transaction is audited then verified as the system identifies any discrepancies, informing you of potential problems immediately.  You can easily "drill down" through your financial journals, sub-ledgers and all originating documents to facilitate analysis.  You will have easy access to your income statements, balance sheets, and financial reports, all supported by a detailed audit trail of the originating financial transaction.

You can easily view financial information online or export data into your favorite spreadsheet or database such as Microsoft Excel or Access.  FlexGen 4 General Ledger will support all of your standard financial reporting requirements plus offers an optional plug-in which features special contract or project management tools for analysis and review.

As the clearing house for all of your company's financial information, the FlexGen 4 General Ledger guarantees the information needed to make your key financial decisions is timely, accurate and complete.

By implementing General Ledger, you will have:

  • Flexible financial report formatting which conforms exactly to the presentation your enterprise requires.
  • Recurring and reversing journal entries to ease periodic financial input and analysis.
  • Extensive online and report-based audit tools for validation and drill-down analysis of selected financial transactions.
  • The ability to post financial transactions anytime during the month to keep accounts current and accurate.
  • A single repository for all your FlexGen 4 generated transactions, including manufacturing, available for review and analysis by originating transaction source.
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