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Maintaining a clear and accurate view of the financial condition of a complex manufacturing enterprise can be a daunting task. Now, that task is becoming easier. FlexGen 4 - AFA and FRx Software's Financial Analytics and Reporting suite have been fully integrated to provide the most comprehensive financial management application services available. Based on the FlexGen 4 - General Ledger and all subsidiary financial information, FRx transparently obtains its source data through FlexGen 4 - AFA, with no additional effort required.

Driven off of custom financial reports, departmental budgets or unique financial metrics, you can easily develop multiple financial views around any operating segment or department within your company using FRx. All FlexGen 4 financial data is automatically presented to FRx for access, analysis and presentation without dual entry or duplicate effort. When reviewing financial results or trends, FRx provides a comprehensive drill down view into all source documents and financial transactions underlying the analysis.

With FlexGen 4 and FRx working seamlessly together you can:

  • Create detailed and comprehensive financial reports using the FRx - Financial Report wizard, then easily distribute reports to the web for ease of access and review by management.
  • Easily support financial reporting of multiple companies, including custom reports and budgeting with automatic summary and consolidations results.
  • Use the FRx Budgeting Wizard to design custom templates and budgeting reports allowing unique views of performance variances, financial trends and opportunities.
  • Have access to multi-level drill down facilitates providing reporting charts of account detail, departmental breakdowns and images of all source documents, including P.O.s, invoices and checks.
  • Create on-the-fly financial analysis and reports using the FRx Report Wizard to construct, prepare and present any custom view of your financial data or position.
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