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FlexGen 4 Shop Floor Control will help you meet your promised delivery dates from production by allowing you to plan, monitor and control all your shop floor activity.  You can track the status of work-in-process and collect labor information for timely performance analysis. You'll be able to track jobs throughout the production cycle, monitor and respond to jobs running behind schedule and improve communication between departments. Your production control staff will have access to the latest information including work order location, due dates, work cell activity, work cell loading and labor and machine efficiency.

With Shop Floor Control, you can establish production standards and create sequenced video routings for all your manufactured or assembled parts.  You can then review, monitor and update your production parameters for each operation as often as needed, online realtime.

You will also have an online graphical view of your shop capacity, down to a machine or work cell level, for all pending planned orders and work orders. With FlexGen 4's easy to use graphical tools, you can analyze your work cell loading to identify and correct over and under cell utilization, order status, past due production and cause, plus generally eliminate the source of any deviations to the production plan.

By using Shop Floor Control you can:

  • Use forward and backward scheduling methods to optimize production and assure on-time delivery.
  • Analyze the production plan in "What-If" mode, down to work center level, to adjust for changes in schedules, machine capacity or order quantities.
  • Identify production constraints including capacity and material before they impact production.
  • Divert parts to outside vendors who perform value added services, with both dollars and scheduling of the operation immediately known by production.
  • Facilitate scheduling of both labor and machine capacity where assembly hours for complex components may become a production constraint.
  • Use multiple planning units of measure including each or batch, then load your production plan and analyze available capacity in terms of both labor or machine.
  • Implement full RF bar-code technology to move and track parts through production assuring accurate and timely feedback to production and customers.
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