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FlexGen 4 Sales Order Management allows you to instantly create, modify, and view all your customer and sales order information, online and up-to-the-minute. Any changes to an existing sales order are updated and broadcast immediately to assure that customer service, production and shipping can respond accordingly. Sales Order Management guarantees that your customer orders are always managed with the smooth efficiency your customers expect.

With each customer order, you can maintain extensive online notes, manage commissions and salesperson information and perform "What-If" delivery analysis to assure product availability. Detailed online customer history and sales information such as previous items purchased, quantities, pricing and special handling, and current order status is readily available. Sales Order Management is your key to providing world class customer service and on-time delivery.

FlexGen 4 Sales Order Management features:

  • Instant online access to order status, shipment information, late orders, customer status, open receivables and credit limits.

  • Complete online information from quoting, production scheduling, shipping and accounts receivable to inform and serve customers with immediate product availability and shipping status of their order.

  • Flexible order format including multiple items, delivery dates, prices, unlimited comments and special order handling information.

  • Extensive sales analysis through dozens of user defined parameters including product, salesperson, channel and territory by month, quarter and year to date.

  • Gross margin and performance reporting based on delivery schedules, pricing and production.

  • The ability to place orders on hold for reasons of credit, product release, late shipment among selected release triggers.
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