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FlexGen 4 Customer Management facilities are designed to enhance the experience customers have with your company. By developing an accurate and current customer profile, you will know who the key customer contacts are and what the product of preferences and pricing options are for them. A detailed history of all products purchased, sales volumes and discounts, complimentary options and other customer services provided, will assure a smooth and professional customer engagement.

Customer preferences and business profiles are maintained to help offer special customer promotions and incentives to encourage additional value added sales and services. Where products require warranty and special field installation or periodic maintenance, Customer Management will assure the visibility and follow up to the obligation and resulting selling opportunity.

With FlexGen 4's Customer Management environment you will:

  • Maximize your selling opportunities and improve the effectiveness of you sales organization.

  • Provide a smooth well managed customer transaction every time.

  • Develop and analyze revenue opportunities and campaigns directly related to customer needs and requirements.

  • Provide invaluable information to the corporate customer call center enhancing the quality of your customer service.

  • Begin to establish selected customer attributes used in FlexGen 4's self service web based applications.
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