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Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management begins before a typical prospect even becomes a customer. FlexGen 4 Prospect Management tools allow you to collect vital prospect information, on line and available to everyone involved in the early stages of the sales cycle. Requests made by your prospect regarding product information, pricing, terms and availability are easily documented for correspondence and subsequent follow up.

Prospect Management extends to the initiation of formal Prospect Estimating and Quoting of prices and delivery for both standard and custom products. As a result of managing prospect activity on line, an assessment of prospect conversion to customer, product value, product lines purchased and average days to closure, can be easily reviewed for sales effectiveness.

FlexGen 4 Prospect Management also allows you to convert Prospects to Customers retaining both the historical and profile information needed to establish a quality customer service relationship for the future.

By implementing Prospect Management you will:

  • Know where your prospect opportunities are derived from and what marketing programs or campaigns are the most effective.
  • Begin to develop a smooth and effective communication link between your valued future customer and current customer community.
  • Analyze the reasons for both winning and losing new business opportunities.
  • Develop and transmit a variety of prospect requested information including product specifications, quotes and warranty information.
  • Retain a detailed history of all prospect contacts and action items on line for enhanced customer service.
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