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The FlexGen 4 Estimated and Quoting processes are powerful and time saving applications of particular value in the "Build to Order", "Highly Engineered" and Job Shop environments. The Estimating process integrates seamlessly with Bills of Material, Routings and Product Data Management for ease of access to all the critical data required to develop an accurate and timely quote. You can copy one quote to another, with the ability to modify each one unique to the prospect or customer requirements. Each Quote considers Labor, Material, Overhead, Output Services and Machine cost as its Factors of Production.

Quotes can be derived directly from the detail and cost analytics developed in the FlexGen 4 Estimating module. A formal Quote can then be forwarded to the customer in digital or web based format saving time and adding convenience the recipient. Self Service facilities for Quotes and Open Order status are becoming valuable tools in the effort to provide superior customer service.

FlexGen 4 Estimating and Quoting will allow you to:

  • Seamlessly analyze the Win/Loss ratio of Quotes processed to those which converted into firm sales opportunities.

  • Develop quickly the complete cost breakdown for each Quote with an automatic link to Sales Order Processing for Quotes won.

  • Develop and accurate and reliable "Available to Promise" date of delivery, required by most customers. This process integrates with FlexGen 4 Capacity Planning and Scheduling for additional "What-If" information.

  • Choose your Quote selling price detail from your custom cost roll-up or FlexGen 4's Selling Price Matrix.

  • Analize the Cost vs. Revenue contribution for each quote, including detailed variance reporting of the actual costs of production.
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