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FlexGen 4 provides a new set of applications focused on bringing control and visibility to the sales organization and the sales channels used to promote and sell products. The channel analysis tools will let you establish sales reps, distributors and other channel relationships used in the selling process. On line and web based information is available to keep the channel always up to date on current sales pending and transactions shipped and billed. Multiple levels of detail and summary information is available to keep sales management fully informed of progress against the sales plan and the productivity of each channel participant.

Based on the FlexGen 4 features selected, additional sales administration tasks can be managed by setting tables and commission parameters to calculate, track and report accrued commissions and sales compensation. Each participant in the distribution channel can be established and monitored for performance against their specific sales objectives and targets set by sales administration.

As a key management component of the Customer Relationship Management process, channel members will be full partners in delivering top quality service to your valuable customer community.

The Channel Analysis / Commission Software will provide the following benefits:

  • Keep the accrued commissions and sales performance information readily available and up to date for each channel participant.

  • Facilitate the administrative task of managing sales data and commission rates for Back Office Administration.

  • Help keep the Sales Plan on track by informing sales administration where they are in comparison to quotas and sales targets if utilized.
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