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Complimentary Product Matrix is a set of utilities designed to provide your customers with buying information which extends beyond individual items to product families, bundled offerings, services and systems. For customers buying sophisticated or complex products, you will be able to present more complete and useful matching of product combinations and features enhancing the final product configuration. The customer will be better served with a more beneficial purchase, while you will have an extended sales opportunity for more products. This system will allow you to set up relationships between selected parts, develop special pricing, identify non complimentary relations, and enhance the overall sales experience of your customers.

Sales administration will benefit by having important product and technical information at their finger tips when servicing customers in the buying process. The ability to forecast future sales revenue will be improved by providing detailed groups and families of products and services which more accurately represent the buying characteristics of your customers. By designing the buying process around this matrix, you will also begin laying a foundation for new web services in support of "Self Service Buying" as it becomes a reality. More and more on line customer service and buying activity is migrating to the web, due to it's ease of use, availability and administrative efficiency.

You will benefit by implementing FlexGen 4's Complimentary Sales Matrix system through:

  • Providing superior customer assistance throughout the complete buying cycle.

  • Extending the direct sales opportunity for additional value added sales services and upgrades.

  • Easing the administrative tasks of keeping track of complicated products, pricing, post sale services and forecasts.

  • Establishing the foundation for future web based services and products to enhance your customers buying experience.

  • Establishing related data and product configuration parameters in support of FlexGen 4's Product Configurator available in Sales Order Processing.
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