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Developing an effective sales price strategy for products and services is a critical process needed to keep products competitive in the market place and generating targeted margins of profitability for the business. FlexGen 4 Selling Price Administration system is one of the tools you will have to analyze costs, gross margins, product family margins, complimentary product contributions and discount structures.

Sales pricing can be easily administered on a single part basis, inventory type, product code or a number of other user defined categories. Periodic price updates will be sensitive to changes in the market, cost structure, gross margin analysis among others. Establishing a well designed pricing strategy will integrate seamlessly with FlexGen 4's Sales Order process where an additional level of pricing administration is offered through quantity discounts, customer incentives and volume buying.

Effective Sales Price administration is essential to:

  • Meeting business goals in sales and gross margin contribution of all the products and services sold by your company.

  • Easing the administrative task of managing numerous and complex pricing strategies designed to optimize product success in the market.

  • To rationalize the discount and incentive programs your company may implement to promote new sales.

  • To efficiently update all product pricing based on changes in standard costs, actual costs or other market conditions.

  • To establishing an appropriate compensation program for your
    sales organization and distribution channel.
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