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Similar to a temperature indicated on a thermometer, FlexGen 4 - ERP Analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provides the same type of vital health and condition benchmarks for your company. KPIs are a critical by-product of what FlexGen 4 does with the enormous amounts of enterprise data it processes every day. The system extracts and compiles hundreds of unique and valuable metrics from throughout the manufacturing enterprise to facilitate the continuous measurement and analysis of how the business is performing.

All seven of the FlexGen 4 systems generate KPIs based directly on the operating area affected. For example, the managers responsible for administering the Supply Chain process benefit directly by the KPIs generated from the day-to-day activities, gaining insight into the fulfillment, pricing and quality compliance of each supplier. The ERP Analytics automatically generated through FlexGen 4 provide management with a broad variety of enterprise performance metrics essential to keeping the organization on plan and executives aware at all times.

With FlexGen 4 - ERP Analytics and KPIs you will:

  • Receive an extensive variety of performance indicators drawn from all corners of the enterprise to quickly evaluate how efficiently your manufacturing company is performing.
  • Drive the business planning process by measuring the company’s ability to meet or exceed the benchmarks and strategic objectives set by management.
  • Be able to substantiate tactical business decisions made with mission critical facts and information served up by FlexGen 4 on a timely, precise and relevant basis.
  • Use Crystal Reports Analytic Viewer in concert with FlexGen 4 to quickly develop graphical presentations for management review and analysis.
  • Develop periodic performance analysis presentations, including hundreds of standard performance indicators, then easily distribute them over the web for ease of access and presentation to management.
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