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The FlexGen 4 - Enterprise Knowledge Base is a business intelligence resource which is gathered, filtered and stored to support general enterprise analysis and decision making. This resource information is acquired through a broad array of FlexGen 4 modules, including Customer Service, Customer Call Center, Supply Chain Management and Quality Assurance, to name a few. The focus of this information gathering process is the collection of non-metric business intelligence stemming from conversations, observations, test results, process compliance and customer research.

The Enterprise Knowledge Base is a tremendously valuable resource for managers and executives who are analyzing complex issues and problems affecting the business. Managers often require broad and comprehensive views into past actions, problems, trends and solutions to understand appropriate cause and effect. With this powerful business resource available, managers can easily query on topics of interest and, based on complete and actionable information, be better prepared to make well informed operating decisions.

Enterprise wide Decision Support Services remain a prime focus of ongoing product development at Software 21 because of its inherent value to informed decision making and empowering the Adaptive Enterprise.

By utilizing the extensive Enterprise Knowledge Base, managers can:

  • Solve critical enterprise problems and challenges based on reliable, accurate and timely business facts and information, thereby assuring the most beneficial results possible.
  • Provide valuable and strategic information to executives to better manage high-level business development and enterprise planning and execution.
  • Enhance bottom-line results by driving better product decisions, highlighting Supply Chain inefficiencies and reliability issues, plus developing new business service recommendations to increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Validate the effectiveness of business decisions made or strategies executed based on business intelligence corroborating success or failure.
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