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FlexGen4 Inventory Quarantine is a very unique set of management tools designed to facilitate traceability, shelf life and possible hazardous stocking conditions for selected types of inventory. This unique feature permits both physical isolation and accountability, for materials that due to their nature, need highly restricted access and availability to both process and distribution.

When materials are quarantined, their access to production are controlled under very disciplined procedures to assure proper handling, compliance and consumption. Where shelf life is an issue, Inventory Quarantine provides lifecycle information assuring that no improper consumption of the part is in violation of it's documented shelf life and availability.

The problem of controlling potentially hazardous materials has become a major governmental and compliance problem for many companies. The physical protection by isolating selected items assures the working environment is safe for employees and violation free.

Implementing Inventory Quarantine assures the following:

  • That only the proper parts and production supplies are available and consumed in accordance with specified regulations and compliance.

  • That the workplace always complies with hazardous waste and governmental regulations for safety.

  • Assures that where shelf life considerations control the consumption of selected materials, that no violations or improper inventory transactions are permitted.

  • That Quality Assurance is fully informed and involved with the control and management of selected inventories including inspection, documentation and use in production.
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