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FlexGen 4 Lot/Serial Number tracking facilities are especially powerful in industries requiring cradle to grave component history and tracking. The need to collect and retain source related data for potential recall and failure analysis of key components in the field for many industries including avionics, medical products and computer technology is often mandatory.

Many times the customer service and warranty process requires that selected materials or components are tracked through their lifecycle not only to track the upgrade and rework of the parts, but to collect and manage the costs associated with the items. Historical trends of expenditures by part, supply chain, use and other parameters can be tracked for service life and reliability over time.

These tools are very helpful to Quality Assurance efforts where questions and reliability problems emerge and field information and feedback is required. Quality can request production and process control data by Lot or Serial Number to track and review field reliability or recall when necessary.

Benefits of implementing Lot/Serial Number Traceability are:

  • That all transactions properly managed, can be reviewed and analyzed by identifying Lot and Serial Numbers for instant location and suppliers.
  • Compliance reporting and tracking of critical components for selected industries can be implemented optionally or across the board for all transactions.
  • Production and Inventory management is simplified and streamlined by the effective way Lot and Serial Number tracking was implemented.
  • That costs and service levels behind high dollar warranty obligations are efficiently controlled and reported for trend analysisis to management.
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