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FlexGen 4 Inventory Control provides you optimum visibility, management and control of all your inventory assets.  You'll have all the information you need to make informed decisions about reducing inventory costs and eliminating parts shortages to production. Inventory Control automatically monitors every inventory transaction from purchase orders to customer shipments. It features instant access to multiple stocking locations within multiple warehouses.  It enables you to control and report movement of inventory parts, launch work orders and print pack slips with accompanying bar-coded documentation.

A powerful feature of Inventory Control is the depth of online management information available to you at your desktop. This includes Daily Receiving, MRB Activity, Shortages, and Inventory Status Reports. The tracking and management of inventory is instant, cost effective and very intuitive, featuring FlexGen 4's Graphical Interface.

The Inventory Audit process takes advantage of the information already available in the inventory database. You can use this module to set cycle count parameters for the inventory cycle and generate a variety of reports including Part Adjustment History, Daily Count Sheet, Inventory Work Sheet, and Variance Reports. You can also create, print and maintain a log of inventory tags and gather the physical count via wireless barcode data collection, another plug-in Software feature of FlexGen 4 Manufacturing.

Implementing Inventory Control will allow you to:

  • Purchase inventory in one unit of measure and stock or issue it in another, using conversion factors.

  • Track the movement of all parts including dollars and quantity, through any and all stages of purchasing through final consumption.

  • Obtain instant access to extensive part history online and realtime.

  • Have an optional RF-based barcode data collection system to trace inventory movement, including shipments, receiving and cycle counting.

  • Keep complete and accurate accounting of all inventory transactions with accompanying detailed journal entries automatically created and posted to your FlexGen 4 Financials.
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