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FlexGen 4 Warehouse Management performs a critical function in overall Supply Chain Management process. It provides all the on-line, real-time documentation needed to source, locate and transact all of the parts and material transactions needed to keep production control running smoothly. The ability to locate and retrieve in a logistically efficient manner materials, saves time and reduces wasted administrative effort.

The warehouse will also have the tools and information they need to support the Quality Assurance guidelines for materials including certifications, lot and serial number documentation, testing and receiving documents from your suppliers. Materials requiring selected paperwork to be available before transacting it, can be isolated for supplier remediation.

All warehouse transactions can be completed using the most efficient technologies available including touch screen, bar code and on-line, real-time RF data transmission.

Implementing Warehouse Management will provide the following:

  • Locate and disposition materials accurately to assure real-time availability to production control and inventory management.

  • Eliminate waste, scrap and shrinkage in materials due to inefficiency or lack of visibility in process control and compliance.

  • Assures that all Quality Assurance procedures are followed and documented properly where high traceability is mandatory.

  • Transact customer shipments on time and complete, where finished good inventory tracking and update to the web shipping portal is provided for customer self-service.
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