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FlexGen 4 Shipping/Receiving is the focal point for controlling and reviewing all of the incoming and outgoing supply chain and customer related inventory transactions for your company. Real-time order status and inventory availability are key to keeping the supply chain running smoothly. As a part of the process, documents are bar coded to speed the collection and update of all inventory movement and transactions.

Quality Assurance also has the ability to set handling instructions and compliance parameters influencing the proper disposition and management of materials needing lot tracking, shelf life information or serialization. This is also where documentation and packaging requirements can be set to assure all transactions are prepared properly for on-going distribution.

FlexGen 4's new customer self-service portal is updated immediately at the time shipments are made to customers providing all key information typically required to track orders dock to stock. The additional integration with UPS and FedEx also assures that the exchange of shipping information to customers is timely and accurate every time.

The benefits of implementing Shipping/Receiving are:
  • That all incoming and outgoing customer and supply chain transactions are reported real-time, complete and accurately.

  • That the customer self-service facilities provided in FlexGen 4 are populated with all the tracking and order information typically requested by your customers.

  • That performance data on supply chain and customer service transactions will be monitored to assure on time delivery with zero discrepancies.

  • That all of the Quality Assurance measures for compliance and quality are met and reported on a timely basis.
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