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FlexGen4 Bar Code - Inventory Manager is the solution for companies which demand precise accountability and accuracy of its inventory transactions throughout the company. When parts are received and forwarded to either inspection or warehousing, they are immediately scanned into the database using preprinted barcoded documents including labels and purchase orders. You can automatically transact picklists or pack slips, and transfer inventory to a new stocking location with the simple scan of a barcode.

Part of maintaining highly accurate inventory positions is the use of traditional cycle counting; by labeling parts with barcodes and with a wireless data collector from Symbol Technologies, you can draw down a list of parts to be counted and then verify quantities and locations with ease. Through your FlexGen 4 Bar Code - Inventory Manager, production control will be able to track material costs against budget, for work orders and projects as they're incurred, not days later.

With Bar Code - Inventory Manager you can:

  • Scan your shipping documents, then transact an immediate inventory update for items shipped, resulting in more timely billing to your customers.
  • Facilitate your customers' receiving process by printing and deploying barcode labels on your shipments to them.
  • Scan incoming parts into receiving immediately, informing material control that parts are on hand and available to production.
  • Implement a highly efficient cycle counting procedure to assure the accuracy of part counts and availability.
  • Track part shortages direct to production, and assist parts receiving to evaluate their immediate allocation based on priority and due dates.
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