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FlexGen 4 Procurement enables your materials group to make more informed and cost effective purchasing decisions. Procurement maintains management information about approved vendors and manufacturers, and allows you to place orders for purchased parts, print purchase orders and track delivery compliance to ensure that you meet the goals of your manufacturing plan.

You can easily purchase multiple items for multiple prices with unlimited delivery dates - and record the information within a single electronic document. Providing your vendor with finishing specifications and inspection requirements for finished parts becomes easy. With Procurement there is no need to create a separate purchase order for MRP-generated purchases; you simply buy the material and charge it to either inventory, job number or the General Ledger. It also accommodates all types of purchasing including general parts inventory, RMO or supplies, out plant processing for production, plus items purchased for special projects such as R & D.

Procurement features:

  • Extensive online history of purchasing providing all the analysis detail to evaluate vendor performance, pricing, trends, and quality of parts received.

  • Optional integration with the ECN process which automatically checks to ensure that parts to be ordered are not flagged for product review or replacement. This feature prevents you from purchasing items that are obsolete, unreliable or otherwise unacceptable.

  • A seamless job stream, starting with requisitions, purchase planning, order, receiving and inspection through accounts payable.

  • Optional auto loading of material plan by part or designated vendor into a purchase order including items, delivery dates and quantities.

  • The ability to facilitate customer supplied inventory and vendor consigned materials including complete and full accounting.

  • Develop and manage a formal "Request for Quotation" process for parts pricing and availability across a multiple vendor database.

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