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FlexGen 4Accounts Payable is the key to providing professional cash disbursements and planning management, coupled with great service to your valued vendors. With Accounts Payable, you will enter and maintain all your accounts payable records, approve vendor invoices for payment, issue checks and generate a variety of online management reports and analyses.

When your company receives or rejects material on an open purchase order, the system generates a detailed receiving record which will help inform the manager whether the subsequent invoice is valid or discrepant. Accounts Payable allows you to create an invoice payment schedule to optimize cash flow. All vendor invoices can be placed on hold at the time of entry, pending authorized approval, or automatically set up for payment within terms.

With Accounts Payable "drill down" feature, all of the historical and transaction detail you'll ever need will be at your fingertips, a point and click away.

Implementing Accounts Payable will let you:

  • Generate automatically a complete set of journal entries to the general ledger for all purchases and re-occurring payables, cash disbursements and debit memos processed.
  • Set up multiple selection parameters for invoices to be paid, including set pay days, discount days by vendor or total cash amount to be disbursed.
  • Match and approve all purchase receipts to assure accuracy of the vendor invoice and verify that the items were received and inspected.
  • Produce a receiving report of all items received yet not invoiced by the vendor, making your periodic reconciliation easy.
  • Summarize all checks written and processed, through an electronic or manual bank reconciliation procedure each month.
  • Set up distribution tables for recurring payables, to streamline and assure the accuracy of posting monthly payables such as your power and phone bills.
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