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As the benefits of New Supply Chain Management Software begin to appear, Suppliers are playing a new and key role in the success of the enterprise. SRM provides the tools used to closely monitor the performance, quality of product, timeliness of deliveries against schedule and overall viability of the supplier. As most manufacturing companies attempt to reduce the number of strategic suppliers used, the ability to manage and accurately assess the contribution a supplier makes is essential.

FlexGen 4 SRM also allows for establishing vendor rankings based on quantifiable performance measurements such as on-time deliveries, parts which fail Quality Assurance, deliveries which don't meet documentation requirements and other user defined parameters. On line schedules for each supplier can be set to conduct formal supplier reviews and audits. Based on the periodic supplier review, Quality Assurance can tailor the inspection and documentation levels required of each supplier.

FlexGen 4 SRM is an important tool used in optimizing the benefit and relationship your company will develop with each of your valued suppliers.

The benefits provided by FlexGen 4's Supplier Relationship Management include:

  • Evaluation of all suppliers, based on criteria established by Materials Control and Quality Assurance with retention of only the top performers.

  • The highest level of supplier performance in delivery, pricing and
    quality of parts and services.

  • Enhanced cash flow by implementing creative and cost effective supply options provided by strategic vendors including consigned inventory.

  • The opportunity to establish more effective collaboration and business communications including e-procurement and web based technology.
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