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Material Requirements Planning is the focal point for optimizing the supply and demand equation for inventory and production control. Based on the demand profile including Master Production Scheduling, Forecasts and actual Sales Order requirements on line, MRP determines the optimum buy and build schedule derived from evaluating Bills of Material and the associated inventory availability levels. MRP provides a comprehensive view of your complete materials status for all purchased and manufactured items. MRP will aid in reducing inventory levels simultaneous with assuring on time availability of those items required for production or customer delivery.

MRP will also integrate selected planning parameters for parts including discrete, minimum / maximum order quantities and lead-times to assure the accurate planning and scheduling for each item. Ultimately MRP reduces inventory investment, improves manufacturing productivity by assuring part availability and bolster cash flow by minimizing expenditures.

MRP is a key planning and execution environment delivering:

  • Fully integrated planning for Forecasted Sales, open and scheduled sales orders and Master Production Sheduling, all designed to meet customer demand and expectations.
  • Management visibilty to implement rescheduling recommendations for work oders and purchase orders based on actual production changes and demand schedules.
  • Pegged recognition of where all material requirements are coming from based on the multi-level Bill of Materials and source of demand.
  • Provide detailed material analysis reports with user defined options for netting methods, sorting parameters and other management filters.
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