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FlexGen 4 Product Data Management provides the management tools you need to fully develop and maintain your complete engineering database. Product Data Management streamlines the process of building and maintaining a complete manufacturing database of parts and Bills of Material (BOM's) by providing an easy-to-use graphical environment featuring "drag and drop" technology. To build your parts database, users simply enter engineering, accounting and manufacturing information; the Bills of Materials process then establishes engineering relationships between manufactured parts and their components. Access is easy, maintenance becomes simple, and you can change, add or delete parts and BOM information with no interruption to the manufacturing process.

The optional Engineering Change Notice (ECN) process enables you to track and implement product changes. ECN works in conjunction with Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order, MRP and Inventory Control.  Whether your mode of manufacturing ranges from a job shop environment to complex design and assembly, FlexGen 4 Product Data Management will deliver the power and versatility your engineering department demands.

By using FlexGen 4 Engineering you can:

  • Establish quick and easy parts management policies, scheduling, production and costing parameters.

  • Copy from one part to another selected information or all with easy "except for" changes.

  • Set up multiple cross-references to an individual part, for ease of part identification and access.

  • Choose from multiple costing methods to best fit your production mode.

  • "Drill down" through multiple level BOM's to analyze structure, costs, history, parts availability and future activity.

  • Implement at your option a complete "Engineering Change Notice" environment if your production process demands it.
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