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» FlexGen 4 - Technology Profile
Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Software Solution for manufacturing companies - including integrated ERP, CRM, SCM and BI

Enterprise Levels  
Level 1- Enterprise Software Solution
Level 2- (4) Enterprise Systems
Level 3- (43) Configurable Modules
Level 4- (1,535) Application Services
Design Tools and Technology
Visual Basic, Visual Studio .Net, and System Builder (IBM)
Databases Supported

SQL Server 2000/5, U2, DB2 and Informix

Automated Data Collection
Yes - Full Bar Code and Touch Screen Data Collection technologies are fully supported.
On-line Documentation

Yes - 100% provided with FlexGen 4 - AE License. RoBo - Help provides underlying technology.

Source Code
Yes - 100% provided with FlexGen 4 - AE license
Cost of Ownership

License Fee based on concurrent users plus - 18% of LF for maintenance on an annual basis.

Manufacturing processes best served - High Technology

Build to Stock, Built to Order, Build to Forecast, Hybrid, Highly Engineered.

Modifications and Customization available


Yes - Modifications are fully supported. User/SW21 changes are easily administered.


FlexGen 4-AE
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Adaptive Enterprise
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