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Software 21 is a leading provider of Enterprise Software Solutions to manufacturing companies of high technology products. In today's global marketplace, manufacturers require software solutions and strategic business services that enable them to successfully meet industry challenges and to quickly identify new business opportunities whether they arise locally or from around the world.

Software 21's leading Enterprise Software Solution, FlexGen 4-AE features fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Resource Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Business Intelligence (BI) applications designed to enhance manufacturing productivity, supply chain efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Software 21 proactively develops key partner and strategic alliances with other leaders in technology, software and services, guaranteeing the long term benefit and value of our software products and business services, to our valued customers.

Where we're going - For over 21 years, more than 800 manufacturing companies world-wide have chosen Software 21 as their partner of choice, to provide and service their enterprise software solution. To maintain their competitive advantage, Software 21 is dedicated to continually enhancing all aspects of our products underlying technology foundation, applicationality, and the business services required to implement our software products. Software 21 takes a comprehensive approach to overall systems integration and development, that allows our customers to move generationally through technology upgrades, enhancements and business practices over time. Customers realize substantial benefit by retaining their investment in business processes, technology infrastructure and strategic information assets, that always remain current and relevant to their manufacturing business.

In the future, Software 21 will accelerate its commitment to the information requirements of the high technology manufacturing community. Extensive new software development and engineering of industry specific software features, will be incorporated into FlexGen 4-AE to enhance manufacturing of products such as avionics, medical equipment / devices, and aerospace components to name a few. Research will be on going to determine the most valuable software enhancements to implement, coupled with developing the necessary new business services the industry will demand tomorrow and well into the future.

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