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» Milestones - 2005/2006
Revenue Increased - 76%
Income Increased - 45%

Expansion into new corporate headquarters - 100% increase in sales and computer services.

FlexGen 4-AE Major New Release (8.0)  
Release 8.0 was rolled out including over 180 major new enhancements

Released FG 4-AE - Fully Integragted Touch Screen Based Data Collection Suite for Time and Attendance, Payroll and Costing

Release 8.0 - Included
Released FG 4-AE - FRx Financial Analysis and Reporting Suite


Released FG 4-AE - Agile Engineering and Product Design Suite

Released FG 4-AE - Crystal Decisions Analysis and Reporting Suite


Expanded FG 4-AE Install Base to Include

FlexGen 4-AE
Enabling the
Adaptive Enterprise
Enterprise Resource
Customer Relationship
Supply Chain
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