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The Company - BlueView Technologies has rapidly emerged as one of the lead innovators in the very demanding field of sonar technology and product application. Listed as one of Inc. "5000 fastest-growing private companies in America" in 2009, BlueView continues to garner accolades for its business performance and product engineering in the broad field of sonar application worldwide.

BlueView's sonar has been called an "acoustic flashlight" and has applications in a broad variety of fields. It uses what is called a multi-beam imaging technology to deliver high resolution underwater images for commercial and government applications.

The Challenge - BlueView has a very sophisticated product in terms of engineering and design, the challenging environment it is used in, and the overall systems integration specifications it must meet or exceed. BlueView's challenge was to develop the internal business systems and methods to support the production and long-term servicing of its sonar products in the market place. "Cradle-to-Grave" tracking of key components and assemblies demands a sophisticated ERP environment to meet the challenge. Strict engineering change control, inventory management, quality review and assurance all need to evolve at BlueView to enable the business to expand and maintain customer relations as a top business priority.

The Solution - BlueView's management team chose FlexGen 4 - AE (deployed in a Software as a Service (SaaS) configuration) as the Enterprise Software Solution on which to build its future. FlexGen 4 provides a comprehensive environment including CRM / ERP / SCM and BI all specifically designed to service the high technology manufacturing process. As a SaaS implementation, Software 21 with partner IBM provides all the needed components of the IT infrastructure including server, FlexGen 4 applications, software upgrades and implementation services to support the rollout of the system at BlueView. One monthly subscription fee covers all the IT financial requirements to source the FlexGen 4 Enterprise Software Solution.

The Benefit - BlueView realized significant business and financial benefits as a result of selecting FlexGen 4 for implementation. The required business visibility and control for production planning, historical tracking of all components and systems coupled with enhanced cost reduction and efficiency allowed BlueView to achieve many of its immediate business objectives as FlexGen 4 was being implemented.

Configuration management and Engineering Change Control will deliver product level support focused on maintaining the highest level of quality and reliability of the products sent to market every day at BlueView.

As a SaaS deployment, the cost to implementation delivers bottom line benefits daily as it provides effective management tools at low cost.


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