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» CRM - The Art of Delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience

In today's global marketplace, successful customer relationship management is paramount in achieving maximum profitability and sustainable growth. It's no longer sufficient to simply respond. To be there for your customer. Today's manufacturing environment demands a clear understanding of each customers needs and requirements. Then, the resulting service must be delivered with a view towards providing a consistent, positive experience every time.

Identifying and fulfilling customer needs throughout the entire sales lifecycle is mandatory in assuring your company's long-term success. Software 21's Adaptive Enterprise Solution - FlexGen 4, Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) suite is designed to assist your company in becoming agile and responsive to all of your customers evolving needs from point of contact, to delivery of product or service, to customer satisfaction. A positive experience each and every opportunity.

Customers First - Identify the Need -

FlexGen 4 - CRM will enable you to easily capture and effectively manage your customers requests, responses to marketing and promotional efforts, new product and service interests, purchasing habits and trends, preferences and expectations providing total visibility into the key decision making process each customer employs.

Capturing critical customer information, history and experiences will lead to more effective long-term sales administration. Acting on this information consistently will lead to a more intimate relationship with that customer, providing the opportunity to proactively anticipate and respond to their needs as they arise.

Meet Increased Customer Expectations -

As customer loyalty decreases, customer expectations do just the opposite. Most customers have a variety of choices when and where it comes to spending their money. In a global environment, managing information and customer contact is essential. FlexGen 4 provides all the necessary tools to coordinate the customer relationship through it's Customer Call Center tied to all the key operating departments in your company. All customer inquiries, questions, sales requests and problem resolutions can now be managed collaboratively throughout the organization assuring consistent results.

After Sales Service - A Key to Long-term Relationships -

Managing after sales requirements for many industries is a complex and challenging endeavor. FlexGen 4 - CRM provides a host of facilities to manage the after sale product and service process as efficiently as the original sale itself. Many products including avionics, computers, industrial monitoring devices and medical equipment present a heavy requirement to schedule, manage and control periodic updates and refurbishment of the product. Often government compliance complicates the process. With FlexGen 4 - CRM you will have available an array of management tools providing product history, warranty information and online upgrade specfictions guaranteeing your company will deliver when customers have a need.

Developing an Adaptive Enterprise strategy requires putting customers first. The ability to act on customer needs and to retain long-term customer relationships is the shortest path to sustainable competitive advantage. Employing Software 21's CRM suite will equip your company in these competitive times with the technology and processes required to deliver an outstanding customer experience one at a time every time.

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