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Customer Care Plans designed to be cost effective and allow your company to implement FlexGen 4 - AE fast and on budget.

From Project Management to staff training and education, Software 21 can provide all the customer support services your company will require to implement FlexGen 4 - AE. As a part of your software investment, we include many of the implementation tools typically required to guide your com- pany through the entire implementation process. Some of the tools included are:

  Training Tutorials
  Online Documentation
  Implementation Plan
  Business Process Flow Charts
  Intuitive Help - Software
  FlexGen 4 - AE User Guides

FlexGen 4's software features and on line document- ation are easy to learn and provide you with help when you need it.

Software 21 has bundled several packages of generic implementation services designed to get a new FlexGen 4 - AE customer up and running fast and efficiently. Included is training on the many FlexGen 4 - AE software features available and how best to use them. Hands on review of the many business practices and methods typically implemented to control and manage a new implementation. Pricing of these generic services are as follows:

No. of FlexGen 4 Users   Service Fees
$5,000 - plus expenses
$10,000- plus expenses
$12,500- plus expenses
Needs to be Quoted
  * Billing rate is $125.00 per hour.

Please view the Customer Care link for more service details.

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