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"Simply stated, PECC needed a dual purpose enterprise platform. One to improve our business management and performance. A second flexible enough to facilitate new strategic operating initiatives. FlexGen 4 delivered exactly what our demanding environment required."

-Gary Fenker, CFO


Precision Engine Controls Corporation (PECC) was formed in 1992 when Allied Signal divested its industrial line of products, thereafter emerging as a leading manufacturer of electronic control systems, fuel metering valves and actuators for industrial gas turbine engines. With a worldwide reach, PECC provides products to some of the largest and best known turbine engine manufacturers today, including Solar Turbines, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, Kawasaki, Tominaga & Co., Ltd. and Rolls Wood Group. PECC is based in San Diego, California and is supported by a recent acquisition of QualTech Manufacturing, a San Diego based manufacturer of tooling components, aerospace valves and medical products from a wide variety of alloy.


"Our products are sophisticated and technically challenging to design, manufacture and service. Because they are integrated into turbine engine products, we must deliver exceptionally reliable and long-lasting lifecycle performance," said Gary Fenker, CFO. "A part of PECC's success is our management philosophy to continuously improve everything we do--from designing products to manufacturing to customer service. Six Sigma Quality and Lean were implemented to facilitate our evolution as a more effective enterprise. The challenge was to find the most capable ERP environment that would adapt to our management initiatives and drive our business performance."


Partnered with Software 21 to implement the complete FlexGen 4 ERP/SCM Adaptive Enterprise software suite and joint developed new supporting applications and processes unique to PECC. Adapting to a PECC philosophy to seamlessly integrate supporting enterprise products, Software 21 integrated Agile Software's Engineering and Design system into FlexGen 4 for maximum value, flexibility and function based on an unmet need at PECC.

FlexGen 4 was configured through its ERP Decision Support module to process and present a wide range of operating benchmarks used to drive performance, quality and service levels across the enterprise. To meet both customer and compliance reporting requirements, the full configuration management and serial number and lot tracking features were implemented.

"We found Software 21's Adaptive Enterprise solution and services just the operating approach we needed to meet PECC's manufacturing process demands," added Gary Fenker. "Software 21 also provided the platform for us to re-engineer some of our operating methods, enabling our company to perform at a higher level."


Supply chain performance for quality and on-time delivery improved by 82% in the first year of enhanced operations.
With FlexGen 4's integrated services to Agile, engineering and design collaboration has resulted in reduced time-to-market for new products, plus a substantial increase in the number of product improvements implemented across existing product lines.
Customer service and satisfaction levels continued to improve to record levels.
PECC also successfully began the operational changes needed to implement several best practice initiatives, including Six Sigma Quality and Automated Data Collection for enhanced data accuracy and reliability.

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